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What does PsF mean?

PsF stands for "Progressive Segmented Frame". It is where a camera sends a progressive video format (such as 1080p29.97 or 1080p30) as an interlaced video signal (such as 1080i59.94 or 1080i59.94)
Some cameras do this for compatibility reasons, as a lot of older equipment does not support progressive video signals, especially when using SDI.
This is why in vMix, there is an "Interlaced" checkbox in Add Input -> Camera when an interlaced frame rate is selected.
Unticking this box tells vMix this interlaced signal is actually progressive. Doing so will improve the picture quality a little as vMix will no longer need to deinterlace the video.
If you untick the box and you see lines in the video during motion it means the camera really is sending an interlaced signal and the Interlaced box should be ticked again.

Last Updated: Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:05:06 PM