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IP Camera Support

vMix supports adding some IP Cameras via the "Stream" input menu. Found under "Add Input" -> "Stream". The Stream input supports adding IP Cameras and Streaming Servers that support the RTSP or Transport Stream protocols.

Stream input documentation link:
However not all IP Cameras with RTSP support may be supported. Typically good quality brands with RTSP support will likely work. So it is best to test the camera to see. You will need to check the documentation for the camera to ensure it supports RTSP and to get the correct RTSP URL format to input into vMix. The URL will usually be in a similar format to:
With the representing the IP Address of the camera and sometimes a stream name appended on the end (please refer to your camera documentation for the correct URL format).
The default RTSP options in the Stream input menu requires the Video and Audio Formats to be in:
If the IP Camera input does not work, or uses a different format to this, then try again by choosing the VLC option from the Stream Type dropdown menu. If this also does not work, then the IP Camera may not be supported.
Some examples of IP Cameras that are supported by vMix include the following:
Alternatively, you can also use any cameras that support NDI to bring in a remote camera feed into vMix via the NDI/Desktop Capture input menu.

Last Updated: Friday, May 22, 2020 4:22:41 PM