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No sound when using Local Desktop Capture

When using the Local Desktop Capture method to capture from the same computer as vMix, there is no sound included. This is because capturing the system sound would result in an audio feedback loop. To avoid this, no sound is captured when using Local Desktop Capture.
Therefore in order to capture sound, we recommend capturing a separate computer to the vMix computer and running the vMix NDI Desktop Capture program. This option fully supports sound capture. You can download the vMix NDI Desktop Capture program for both Windows and Mac from our Downloads page:
If trying to capture anything that can also be displayed in a web browser, then we recommend using the Web Browser input in vMix instead which also fully supports sound.
As an alternative to capturing audio on the same computer as vMix, you can do the below recording system audio workaround:

Last Updated: Friday, May 1, 2020 1:02:52 PM