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How to setup push button talkback for vMix Call

An X-Keys or MIDI controller can be used to create a push button talkback for vMix Call guests by following the steps below:

Enable Audio Bus

1. Go to Settings -> Audio Outputs and select Enabled for G and restart.

Add Shortcut to Switch On and Off Bus G as the vMix Call audio source

1. Go to Settings -> Shortcuts and click Add
2. Click Find
3. Hold down a spare button on your X-Keys or MIDI Controller until vMix detects it as NoteOn
4. Select VideoCallAudioSource as the Function (under the Input category)
5. In the Value box type in BusG
6. Click OK

Repeat the steps above except instead of holding down the same button, release the button so vMix detects it as NoteOff.
Then as the Value for VideoCallAudioSource select Master
You have now created a toggle button that will change the audio source the guest hears from Master to BusG while the button is held down

Setup the microphone you wish to use as Talkback in BusG

From the vMix Audio mixer, set the microphone to BusG by right clicking the A underneath it and ticking G.
You may also want to turn off M for the input, so that your microphone is not heard on the stream or recording

Hearing the guests audio when they are muted

The above steps already allows you to talk to your guest, but what if you want to hear their replies without it being heard on the stream? (i.e when they are muted)
To do this simply click the S solo button on their call input.
You can also automate this to occur automatically with the shortcuts setup above by adding another two shortcuts for the same button.
1. For NoteOn select the Function SoloOn and the Call as the Input
2. For NoteOff select the Function SoloOff and the Call as the Input


The following shortcuts have been configured for a single button to both Solo the guest and temporarily switch their audio to a dedicated talkback audio bus:
Function VideoCallAudioSource, Key NoteOn, Value BusG
Function VideoCallAudioSource, Key NoteOff, Value Master
Function SoloOn, Key NoteOn
Function SoloOff, Key NoteOff

Last Updated: Friday, May 22, 2020 12:51:21 PM