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How do I get audio from a third party application into vMix?

If you have a program running on the same computer as vMix and wish to capture the Audio from it into vMix, we recommend using the free software called VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device. You can download this from the below link:
Once installed you can then do the following:
In the program you wish to send Audio from
  1. Open the program and find the setting for its audio output. This will likely be called Speakers or similar
  2. Change this to the following option: Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)
  3. Save your settings
In vMix
  1. Open vMix and select the Add Input button at the bottom left corner
  2. Select the Audio Input tab
  3. From the Audio Device dropdown menu select the option for: Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)
  4. Press OK to add to vMix

Last Updated: Monday, June 15, 2020 11:28:02 AM