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vMix has approximately 2 to 3 frames of latency (or delay) from capture card to screen.
Additional latency may be added by the Video Camera, Capture Card, Graphics Card or Output Display.
To setup vMix with the least amount of delay possible try the following:
  1. Use HD-SDI (or SDI) capture cards and cameras where possible
  2. Connect your external display or projector directly to the second output of your graphics card.
  3. Make sure the output resolution of your second graphics card output matches the projector or external displays native resolution.
    This is to prevent any hardware scaling which can increase the delay.
The latency can also potentially be halved by using double the frame rate from both the cameras and vMix (59.94p/50p instead of 29.97p/25p).
Note that the frame rate must be progressive (p) to take advantage of this latency improvement. Interlaced sources (59.94i/50i) have the same latency
in vMix as 29.97p/25p.

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 10:12:02 PM