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Blank screen when using Desktop Capture

You may see a blank screen from some applications when using Desktop Capture to bring the program into vMix.
There are a couple of potential causes:
1. Laptop does not support capturing applications directly.
This is a result of the Laptop utilising Optimus graphics (Dual Intel/NVIDIA graphics).
2. Application does not support direct capture.
Some applications such as Google Chrome use GPU acceleration in such a way as to show up blank when capturing the window.
In both of the above situations, this is a fundamental Windows limitation that cannot be resolved.
Instead, capture the display instead "Display 1", "Display 2" etc in vMix, and crop the window as desired.
Note that the Window will need to be on top of all other windows to be captured, so it may be advisable to place the application on a second display.

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 5:21:41 PM