vMix 08 March 2021

vMix 24 Gimme More!

The world as we know is moving faster and faster and sometimes it’s nice to slow down. Who doesn’t like seeing the world from a new perspective….or perhaps eight. vMix has developed an all new Instant Replay system for vMix 24 and will allow users to slow down their content to their heart's content. vMix Pro will now double the existing replay channels by allowing up to 8 Replay inputs!

The new Instant Replay functionality will allow vMix users to take their productions to the next level and provide the power and flexibility to outperform any other replay solution on the market. Alongside the support for more replay inputs, vMix 24 supports 4K replay sources which provides the capability to maintain a complete 4K workflow from ingest to output! HD productions will also benefit from 4K as it provides greater zoom capabilities. As replay becomes a staple for sports leagues across the globe, vMix 24 allows for that extra clarity required for important referring decisions. Trying to see if the ball crossed the goal line? Zoom it in for crystal clear results!

High frame rate support will also be available in vMix 24, opening up greater possibilities for capturing moments in esports and live sports. Frame by frame playback just got real with up to 240p replay support in vMix!  

 “I love it when the sports ball goes in the scoring receptacle so I’m very excited about the possibilities of our new Instant Replay updates.” said vMix CEO, Martin Sinclair. “With vMix 24, our hope is to allow every vMix user the opportunity to create amazing, world-class replay content, regardless of their budget!”

 To help in creating the ultimate Instant Replay experience, vMix 24 also sees GT Stinger templates available for the first time. The GT Title Designer now also allows for the easy creation of jaw-dropping stinger transitions for productions.

vMix 24 also includes a number of other tools and features such as:

  • ·         vMix Alerts
  • ·         NDI® 4.6
  • ·         Chrome Web Browser updated to v86
  • ·         Greater search functionality
  • ·         New GT title templates

·         + more

vMix 24 is available now from www.vMix.com. A free, fully-functional 60 day trial of vMix PRO is available to test out all of the new Instant Replay features.

For more information about vMix 24, see our blog- https://blog.vmix.com/vmix-24-is-finally-here/